Release Notes Version 0.0.409

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March 19, 2017

Dear Rguroo users,

A new version of Rguroo has been deployed. Please note the following:

Don’t forget to clear your cache

If you get a blank page on your login page, you need to clear your cache. Here are the instructions to do so:

Chrome: Select preferences (Settings) -> Show advanced settings -> click on Clear browsing data (make sure that Cache images and files is selected).

Firefox: Select preferences (Settings) -> Select Advanced on the left column -> next to Cache Web Content, click on Clear Now.

A note on copy and pasting graphs

We have added several security features to secure your data. As a result, you cannot use the default paste option in Word to paste your graph. To paste your graph in Word, click the Paste button, select Paste special, and choose the option Picture.

Copy and pasting in other applications such as PowerPoint does not require Paste Special and can be done as usual.

Release notes 0.0.409

  • A Public data repository consisting of all R datasets and datasets for many R packages have been added. Users can use this repository to upload data from these sources within the Rguroo application. To use this feature, click on Data tool, select Functions, and click on Repository Import. Then select your Repository and your desired dataset from the list.
  • Course instructors can request that Rguroo Admin sets up a private “User Defined” data repository to be shared with their students, or any specified group.
  • Filtering option has been added to all variable lists and dropdown menus consisting variable names for ease of variable search, access, and selection.
  • A Rotation feature has been added to the X-Axis and Y-Axis tick mark labels. This feature is especially useful for placing long variable names (e.g., in factors) appropriately alongside the axes. To access this feature, within a plots menu click Details -> Title and Axes -> X-axis (or Y-Axis) -> Tick and in the Tick Label section type a rotation angle in the Rotate textbox. See help in that section for more details.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.


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