A new version of Rguroo with major new features has been deployed. To ensure proper application start please use the link provided at https://rguroo.com/ under Sign in/Register.

In addition to bug fixes, the following are the major additions in the new version of Rguroo:

  • Import/Export RGR Files: You can export single or multiple Rguroo objects (data, plots, analytics, probability and simulation results) into a single RGR files (a file with extension .rgr). RGR files can be imported into any Rguroo account via the RGR import option in the Data Import section in Rguroo. RGR files include all dialog-box parameters and the dependent datasets, if any.


  • ANOVA: ANOVA is now available including diagnostics and post-hoc tests.
  • Retrieving Dataset Dependencies: All dependencies of a dataset such as plots, analytics, etc., can be obtained through the dataset context menus. By right-clicking on the name of a dataset and selecting “Show Dependencies” you can open or delete the dataset dependencies (i.e. components that are built using the dataset). Datsets with dependencies are shown with a boldface font.
  • Video Tutorials: Short video tutorials are available within the Rguroo application. Click on the video icon on the top-right of main page or within each dialog box. You can also search for videos using keywords on the main page.
  • User’s Guide: Rguroo User’s Guide is now available from within the Rguroo application. Click on the book icon on top-right of the main application page.
  • New Data Upload Formats: The following data types have been added to the existing formats for uploading data to Rguroo: SAS Database (.sas7bat), SAS XPORT (.xpt), SPSS (.sav), Stat (.dta), Rdata (.rda, .Rdata).
  • Exporting Regression Diagnostics as an Rguroo Dataset: In linear regression, the user can save diagnostic indices, predictions, and other case-wise quantities as an Rguroo dataset. The saved  datasets can be used within Rguroo for further explorations (plots, analyses, etc.).


  • Factor Level Editor for regression: Factor level editor was added to the regression for relabeling factors, removing factor levels, or ordering factor levels within a regression analysis.