The first official version of Rguroo (Version 1.0.0) was released on Sunday July 28th. To ensure proper application start, please use the Sign in  link provided at or use the direct link

In addition to some bug fixes, the following additional features (as compared to the last beta version) have been implemented in  Version 1.0.0:

  • Accessibility: All Rguroo dialog boxes and output are broadly accessible, including to users with disabilities or impairments that occur with aging.
  • Word/HTML Export: A word file, HTML file, and all graphs included in a report (if any) will be exported via a zipped folder. Moreover, the quality of the Word file has improved to make modification of tables easier.
  • Improvement in HTML Output: The HTML reports have been improved and are responsive (i.e. they adapt to the width of the browser window).
  • Copy, Cut, Paste: The context menus now include options of copy, cut, and paste that enable copying or cutting Rguroo objects (data, graphs, reports) and pasting them to a different location.
  • Summary Statistics by Group: The data function “Summary Statistic” has been added to get summary of numerical variables for each level of a factor variable.