Dear Rguroo users,

To start the Rguroo application, please use the Sign in  link provided at

In addition to routine bug fixes, the following features have been implemented in Version 1.2.4:

  • Shortcut Keys: A list of shortcut keys that allow navigation throughout the Rguroo application has been added. To see the list, click on Settings from the top-right of the Rguroo panel, and select Shortcut Keys, or simply use Ctrl+Alt+K.
  • Summary Statistic Function: A dropdown labeled “Frequency” is added to the Summary Statistic function. The selected variable in this dropdown is used either as a frequency, or as a weight; for example when computing weighted mean or weighted standard deviation, etc.
  • Dotplot: A dotplot function has been added to the Plots section. This function draws dotplots for a single numerical variable, multiple numerical variables, and a combination of numerical variables and factors (categorical variable). In keeping with other graphs in Rguroo, the dotplots produced can be customized in the Details section. Colors, labels, and point characters for levels of the selected factors can be specified in the Level Editor.
  • Barplot: based on the user’s feedback, the tabs for Categorical and Numerical/Freq were switched, with the Categorical tab being the initially visible. Moreover, the option of stacked barplots is now available for both the Categorical, and Numerical/Frequency options.
  • Pie Chart: When Plot By Group is selected, the default has changed from multiple pie charts in a single page to one pie chart per page. This default can be overwritten in the dialog box.
  • One Population Mean Inference: A dialog box for the one-population mean inference was added. In the previous versions of Rguroo, the one-population and two-population mean inference were in a single dialog box (that dialog box has not changed). Addition of the one-population mean inference dialog box will make it simpler for the users to specify their problem when they are only making inference about a single population mean.
  • ANOVA: The option of specifying significance level for tests of hypotheses was added.
  • Proportion Inference Output: The output for the proportion inference has been improved. Moreover, the Bayes Factor Bound (BFB) corresponding to each p-value has been added to the tables.