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In addition to routine bug fixes, the following features have been implemented in Version 1.2.4:

  • Median Inference One and Two Population Median Inference, including nonparametric methods for test of hypothesis and construction of confidence intervals added.
  • Nonparametric ANOVA: A function for including nonparametric methods for one-way and two-way ANOVA was added.
  • Multiple Distribution Generator: A function to simultaneously generate random values from different distributions was added. Pre-defined and custom statistics can be applied to the simulated values.
  • Applets Added:The Ross-Chance applets have been added to help in teaching statistical concepts.
  • Calculator: Scientific and graphical calculators have been added.
  • Data Reshape:A function that allows switching between long and wide data formats.
  • Report Layout Button: Easier access to the Report Layout function is provided by adding a button to the top of the application’s page, where relevant.
  • Level Editor: Easier access to the Level editor is provided by adding a button to the top of the application’s page, where relevant.
  • Barplot:A Frequency Variable dropdown is added to the Categorical section of the Barplot to allow using a numerical variable as a frequency. This enables users to plot data on one-way or two-way contingency tables.
  • Histogram:When Value Label is selected, the bins' values with zero frequency are not displayed.
  • Pie Chart: Default colors and labels were modified to enhance the look of the pie chart.
  • Scatterplot: Correlation values and equations of the least-squares line can be added on the page that the plot appears.
  • Linear Regression: A section for prediction of internal and external data was added. Both the predicted values and various diagnostic values can be saved as a Rguroo dataset for export or use in other Rguroo functions.