Cloud Analytics

Upload, create, view, and share your data. Manipulate and clean your data using Rguroo's easy to use graphical user interfaces and powerful data functions.

Data Visualization

Analyze, build models, and generate highly detailed and customizable outputs using Rguroo's statistical analysis tools.


Simulate data, apply statistics to simulated data and replicate, re-sample from your datasets for bootstrap and permutation methods, and calculate probabilities using Rguroo's probability calculator.

Simulation & Probability

Access your data, reports, and Rguroo's data-analytic tools using a web-browser, anywhere the Internet is available. No downloads or installation is required.


Visualize, customize, and present your data using Rguroo's graphical tools via the Basics and Details menus. Identify outliers, superimpose your graphs by texts, lines, and curves.

Data Manipulation

Demonstrate statistical concepts using visuals, simulation tools, outputs consisting of detailed graphs and tables, and a variety of classical and modern statistical methods. Save and share your software-related lesson plans.