With Rguroo, all you need is the Internet and a browser for your data analytics needs. Rguroo combines the speed of powerful computers on the cloud with the statistical analysis tools available in the popular R statistical software to facilitate data analysis. The Rguroo’s point-and-click graphical user interface enables you to analyze data interactively and speedily. Rguroo transforms your point-and-clicks into sophisticated R code, developed by statisticians and R experts, runs the R code on the cloud, and delivers the results in presentation quality with various data formats into your browser, instantly.

RGuroo a comprehensive Statistical Software

Rguroo is a platform independent statistical software tool that provides the flexibility for analyzing your data on any type of computer (e.g., Mac or Windows) with any type of operating system. This flexibility is made possible by Rguroo’s use of web browser for both input and output. You can carry with your data, your reports, and your analysis tools anywhere the Internet is available.