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With Rguroo, all you need is the Internet and a browser for your data analytics needs; no downloads or software installation is required. Rguroo combines the high speed of computers on the cloud with the power of the statistical software R to deliver your results speedily. Rguroo’s user-friendly graphical interface enables you to analyze data interactively. Rguroo transforms your inputs into sophisticated R code, developed by statisticians and R experts, runs the R code on the cloud, and delivers the results in presentation quality format into your browser, instantly.

Because it is a web-application, Rguroo is platform independent and affords you the ability to analyze your data on any computer (e.g., Mac or Windows) with any operating system. You can carry your data, your reports, and your analyses anywhere the Internet is available. All of your work on Rguroo is savable, reproducible, and can be shared via import-export of Rguroo’s RGR files.

All of your work in Rguroo is savable, sharable, and 100% reproducible.
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