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ActionShortcut KeyScope
Open/Close Data navigation sectionAlt + AGlobal
Open/Close Plot navigation sectionAlt + L
Open/Close Analytics navigation sectionAlt + N
Open/Close Probabilty-Simulation navigation sectionAlt + R
Open Password change DialogCtrl + Alt + P
Show Shortcut key tableCtrl + Alt + K
Open Video DialogCtrl + Alt + V
Open DocumentationCtrl + Alt + D
LogoutCtrl + Alt + L
Open/Close Basics Panel
Open/Close Simulate Panel In Random Generator
Open/Close Sample Panel In Random Selection
Alt + BTab
Open/Close Details Panel
Open/Close Statistic Panel In Random Selection
Alt + T
Open/Close Factor Level Edtor PanelAlt + V
Cascade all open PanelsAlt + C
PreviewAlt + P
Save AsAlt + S
Close All open PanelsEscape
Switching tabsLeft/RIght Arrow
Remove tab from WorkSpaceAlt + Delete
Download Result in Data tabsAlt + Shift + D
Select From row to row Shift + Down/Up ArrowList
Select/Deselect individual recordsCtrl + Down/Up Arrow Spacebar
Deselect all recordsDown/Up Arrow Spacebar
Edit the selected record F2
Move Selected Record upAlt + U
Move Selected Record DownAlt + I
Move Selected Record to the top of the list (First Record)Alt + Y
Move Selected Record to the bottom of the list (Last Record)Alt + O
Opne/Close a sectionEnter
Select next SectionTabSection
Select Previous SectionShift + Tab
Open the hierarchical dropdownArrow DownDataset Field
Close the hierarchical dropdownEscape
Navigate inside the treeArrow Keys
Select an optionArrow KeysRadio button
Open Dropdown list for selectionAlt + Down ArrowCombobox
Open Dropdown list for selectionAlt + Down ArrowDropdown
Open Cntext MenuShift + F10Context Menu
Dataset View / Edit componentEnterNav. Context Menu
Delete NodeDelete
Export .rgr fileAlt + X
Copy ObjectCtrl + C
Paste ObjectCtrl + V
Cut ObjectCtrl + X