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ScopeShortcut KeyAction
GlobalAlt + AOpen/Close Data navigation section
GlobalAlt + LOpen/Close Plot navigation section
GlobalAlt + NOpen/Close Analytics navigation section
GlobalAlt + ROpen/Close Probabilty-Simulation navigation section
GlobalCtrl + Alt + POpen Password change Dialog
GlobalCtrl + Alt + KShow Shortcut key table
GlobalCtrl + Alt + VOpen Video Dialog
GlobalCtrl + Alt + DOpen Documentation
GlobalCtrl + Alt + LLogout
TabAlt + BOpen/Close Basics Panel
Open/Close Simulate Panel In Random Generator
Open/Close Sample Panel In Random Selection
TabAlt + TOpen/Close Details Panel
Open/Close Statistic Panel In Random Selection
TabAlt + VOpen/Close Factor Level Edtor Panel
TabAlt + CCascade all open Panels
TabAlt + PPreview
TabAlt + SSave As
TabEscapeClose All open Panels
TabLeft/RIght ArrowSwitching tabs
TabAlt + DeleteRemove tab from WorkSpace
TabAlt + Shift + DDownload Result in Data tabs
ListShift + Down/Up ArrowSelect From row to row
ListCtrl + Down/Up Arrow SpacebarSelect/Deselect individual records
ListDown/Up Arrow SpacebarDeselect all records
ListF2Edit the selected record
ListAlt + UMove Selected Record up
ListAlt + IMove Selected Record Down
ListAlt + YMove Selected Record to the top of the list (First Record)
ListAlt + OMove Selected Record to the bottom of the list (Last Record)
ListEnterOpne/Close a section
SectionTabSelect next Section
SectionShift + TabSelect Previous Section
Dataset FieldArrow DownOpen the hierarchical dropdown
Dataset FieldEscapeClose the hierarchical dropdown
Dataset FieldArrow KeysNavigate inside the tree
Radio buttonArrow KeysSelect an option
ComboboxAlt + Down ArrowOpen Dropdown list for selection
DropdownAlt + Down ArrowOpen Dropdown list for selection
Context MenuShift + F10Open Cntext Menu
Nav. Context MenuEnterDataset View / Edit component
Nav. Context MenuF2Rename
Nav. Context MenuDeleteDelete Node
Nav. Context MenuAlt + XExport .rgr file
Nav. Context MenuCtrl + CCopy Object
Nav. Context MenuCtrl + VPaste Object
Nav. Context MenuCtrl + XCut Object