Why Rguroo? Aims and Scopes

In recent years, R has become a major software for data analysis worldwide. R owes its popularity to its many powerful functions for graphics and analytics, as well as the many available R packages that aim to solve a large spectrum of problems. However, R’s accessibility to a large population of data analysts is limited, as its use requires writing computer code. Recognizing the importance of making the power of R available to scientists and students with a wide range of backgrounds in both industry and academia, Rguroo’s aims are as follows:

  • Avail the use of R to those not familiar with writing code by providing easy to use graphical user interface, requiring simple point and clicks.

  • Save time for those who are familiar with writing R code, by allowing them to accomplish tasks that require writing and debugging many lines of code by a few simple point and clicks.

  • Providing an environment that facilitates the teaching of various statistical concepts.

  • Delivering output that is presentable and customizable for producing professional reports.

  • Eliminating the need to download and install software. Rguroo makes your data and analysis tools available via a web browser wherever the Internet is available.

A word with instructors

A few years ago, Rguroo’s development initiated as one of the founders recognized the need for a statistical software that would take the focus away from how a graph is produced, or an estimate is obtained and allows concentration on the teaching of statistical concepts. R was selected as the basis for Rguroo, as it provides a good amount of graphical and analytic tools. Special attention has been made to provide tables and graphs in the output that help in pedagogy. Additionally, We have found the customizability of the output, where you can rearrange, add, and remove components of the output useful in live classroom teaching. Some of the advanced features in Rguroo may not be useful for teaching the core statistical concepts or possibly for elementary statistics courses, and for this reason, our menus are divided into “Basics” and “Details” menus. Finally, the multi-platform availability via a browser and Internet eliminates often painful task of downloading and installing software by students. Students can save their work on the cloud anytime, and continue their work anywhere on any computer where a browser and the Internet is available.